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a poem inspired by the Laurie Anderson album "Bright Red"

by Blair Reeve (reeve@ihug.co.nz)

 This is a loophole
 A point in time
 That knows no reason
 & has no pulsating rhythmic beat.

 How did I get here
 Where my heart has stopped pumping
 & caused my chest to start thumping so violently.
 My lungs have inhaled as much as they can
 But the meter reads empty on my oxygen tank.
 I panic.....then pause....then this escape clause.
 I'll build a time machine with my mind machine.
 By reversing the flow & unwinding the coil
 I can prepare in advance with a sneak preview glance
 At my new future stance.

 To achieve this I begin by setting up mind blocks...
 similar to police roadblocks, where unwanted memoirs
 are like frustrated drivers in immobile cars.
 All of their shouts are drowned out by self doubt.

 The next step of the solution is to reject evolution.
 This is done by rhyming dis-exist
 with the words lateral twist
 so I can access the life that I lived as a fish.

 Then by utilising my underwater skills
 & breathing with my gills
 I revitalise my heart, oxygenate my soul & slip back to the start
 through my unconcious loophole. 

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