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Interpretation of Laurie Anderson's lyrics

This part of the Homepage has been a success thanks to people like you: Fans of Laurie Anderson who have something to say about her work. I want it completely rich with people's ideas on her work, so much so that there is more interpretation in this section than actual lyrics. Please, help make this happen! Write something, then post it to the newsgroup or even better email it to me at jim@jimdavies.org and I'll get it up ASAP. Any interpretation or art inspired by Laurie is welcome. I will accept many things as interpretation. Stories that it reminds you of, what you think Laurie meant by what she wrote, and what you think the song means aside from what Ms. Anderson intended. Thanks to all who respond.

If you really want to make me happy, send each interpretation to me in html format (links are fine to include) and end each interpretation with your name, email address, and an html paragraph marker. Thankee!

Lyric Interpretation

All the lyrics are included in these links. Scroll down to find the interpretations, which are in a smaller font.

Big Science? Mister Heartbreak? Home of the Brave? Strange Angels? Bright Red?

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