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Moby Dick Tour dates!

Performances (selected):
1972 Automotive
Duets on Ice
1975 As:If
1983 United States premiere, Brooklyn, NY.
1984 Mister Heartbreak tour

1986 Natural History tour
1987-8 Talk Normal tour
1989 Empty Places premiere, Spoleto Festival (Charleston, SC)
1990 Empty Places tour
1991 Voices from Beyond tour
1992 Halcion days: Stories from the Nerve Bible
1994 An Evening With Laurie Anderson
1995 The Nerve Bible

Happiness Tour
For a complete listing of performances up to this point, see the back of the book _Stories From the Nerve Bible._

Songs and Stories from Moby Dick

Songs for A.E.


2004: The End of the Moon

Reviews of her various shows from fans

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