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Reviews of Puppet Motel.

Green room USA
Green room Europe

The Puppet Motel CD ROM is an interactive exploration program that is being made by the Voyager company. According to Voyager, the program went gold at aproximately 6:45 pm on March 29, 1995. It is now released. For much more information about it, see the Voyager Page. Note that Voyager was recently bought by Learntech.

You can Buy it directly online at amazon.com.

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Some postings about the CD-ROM

I've discovered even more stuff in the 'Puppet Motel' CD-ROM lately - and this is after dozens of trips inside.....For reasons unknown to me (except for the fact that I gave my PM copy a larger memory partition in which to run) when I first began using it, the cursor in the Chalk room was always an eraser...now it sometimes turns into a flashlite, and when I click and point it will put up quotes from various sources, including stock lines from Laurie's works. Repeated clicks and tries in the TV room give interesting results and displays on the TV - some even in color. (I was finally able to unplug the TV a while back, too...) Also got into a spooky cave with a version of the running man icon in red. Here Laurie was telling a story about dreams, which very oddly parallels something I always told myself about dreams from the time of my childhood on: that when you dream about someone, they are dreaming about you: visiting you in your dream. And on the nights that you don't dream - you are in someone else's dream and can't remember it. One place I CANNOT get back to: the 'secret package' addressed to Laurie. I was in it once (it's a sort-of sad children's tale with Edward Gorey-like B&W illustration that Laurie did back in the early '70s. It's weird and cool, but I never went thru the whole thing and wonder what else is in there or where else it will take me... giamomj@ocs.drexel.edu

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