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Note To Potential Collaborators

My research style is collaborative, and I am interested in starting relationships with others who want to do research, at many levels of expertise. In general I try to allow my collaborators to have first authorship, if they are willing to do the work to earn it, undergrads included.

In general I'm interested in these areas, from the perspectives of AI, psychology, and philosophy:

Please read below according to what best describes you:


If you're a professor (of any rank) in Ottawa and would like to talk about a possible collaboration, please email me at jim@jimdavies.org and we'll arrange a time to get together.

Graduate Student Looking For An Advisor

I am accepting new graduate students. Currently I can only supervise graduate students who are Ph.D. or Master's (MCogSc) students at Carleton's Institute of Cognitive Science. However, if you are a graduate student elsewhere at Carleton, there could be the potential for a co-advisor arrangement. I can only supervise primarily computational methodologies-- that means if you're not going to be programming then I cannot be your only supervisor. However, if you wish to do other methods we can potentially arrange a co-advisory relationship with another professor. The institute has a Ph.D. program and a Master's program in cognitive science (MCOGSc). I have master's project ideas here.

Graduate Looking To Become a Graduate Student

To become a graduate student at the Institute of Cognitive Science (ICS) you should apply here: http://www5.carleton.ca/ics/graduate/admissions/
If you are considering working with me for your graduate studies, contact me and we can talk and see if we are a good fit.

Soon we will have a Master's program in cognitive science (MCOGSc). I have master's project ideas here.

Graduate Student of the Institute of Cognitive Science (ICS) Looking for a Methodology Rotation

The ICS requires its Ph.D. students to do "rotations" in the various sub-areas of cognitive science. This means a small research project. I am qualified to supervise psychology and AI rotations. In general I am willing to participate with rotations that have something to do with my research theme. Contact me and we can talk about it.

Undergraduate Student Looking for a Honour's Project Advisor

Fourth-year undergraduates in cognitive science (and psychology) need to do an honours project. This page has some project ideas. Note that if you are a psychology student, you will need a co-supervisor in psychology if you want to work with me. I have project ideas here.

Undergraduate Student in Ottawa Interested in Getting Involved With Research

If there is any possibility you might want to go to graduate school, it is most important that you have excellent grades. However, it's also great to have gotten involved with research by the time you apply. I will work with students as early as in their first year. The way this works is you come in and talk to me, and we try to find a project we are both interested in (I have a huge pile of project ideas). I know undergrads are busy and I can work at a pace you feel comfortable with.

Student not in Ottawa, High School Student, or member of the General Public

Email me and arrange a time for a phone conversation. We can talk about what you could do. We might be able to work something out, especially if you have computer programming ability.

Graduate Student Looking for a Thesis or Dissertation Committee Member

I will consider being on committees, in Ottawa and otherwise, if I feel my expertise and interest are appropriate. Email me with the topic and we can talk.
JimDavies (jim@jimdavies.org)