White Rappers

The White Rapper Page by Jim Davies

In the beginning rap was primarily a black art form. Now, in the new century, we are finding more and more that... well, it's still primarily a black art form. In fact, there are so few white rappers out there that they can, as far as I can tell, fit on a single webpage. (Yes, I know webpages can be arbitrarily long.. cut me a break here.)

Please send me any white rappers I might have missed at jim@jimdavies.org, with "white rappers" in the subject line. Send me the rap group's name and a link to their website. If you include a one-paragraph description, I might include that too, as long as it sticks to facts, and not things like "their the DOPEST MCS ON DA PLANET, YO!!!!!!!"


3rd Bass

Description: These guys are good, though they go out of their way to dis Beastie Boys and Vanilla Ice. Apparently there is no solidarily even amongst white rappers. After two albums they stopped. Typical in the rap world.

6th Sense


MC 900 Foot Jesus

Description: His biggest hits were "Too Bad You're Gonna Die Now" and "If I Only Had a Brain." http://imusic.artistdirect.com/showcase/urban/mc900.html

  Welcome To My Dream
Welcome to My Dream (+2 bonus tracks & video)
MC 900 Foot Jesus Press Kit and 2 Photos MC900 FT One

Aesop Rock

Description: A contributer writes of Aesop Rock: "arguably the most inventive MC lyrically around right now."


None Shall Pass
Labor Days
Float (MP3)
Fast Car Danger Fire & Knives (W/Book) [Limited Edition]
Daylight EP
Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives [Explicit]
Bazooka Tooth
Fast Cars, Danger, Fire & Knives
I'll Be OK

Adam J




Wanna Snuggle
Hell's Lost and Found
No Place Like Chrome [Import]
Eastern Philosophy
Where's Your Album?!!
It's the Bootleg, Muthafuckas! Vol. 1

Asher Roth


I Love College [Explicit]
G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It's A New Day) [Explicit]
Asleep in the Bread Aisle
Lark On My Go-Kart [Explicit]
We're Here To Save The Day (Feat. Asher Roth)
La Di Da [Explicit]
Asleep in the Bread Aisle [Clean]
Asleep in the Bread Aisle [Deluxe Edition w/DVD]
Asleep In The Bread Aisle [Explicit MP3]
The Greenhouse Effect Aka the Greatest Mixtape Ever



Beastie Boys

Description: Probably the best white group ever, Beastie Boys have been around the longest and have shown the greatest versatility. Their album "Paul's Boutique" is thought by many to be the best or second best hip hop album ever. In my opinion, it's one of the best albums in any genre. What makes the Beasties great are their taste, music, and style. They have such a sense of humor, and are willing to take risks. Their weakness has always been in the lyrics: Nobody thinks any of the boys are terrific Emcees.

  • Cooky Puss. The strangeness of this short album is approached in their later work only by the track "Hail Sagan" on the Intergalactic single. It involves a recording of a crank call to a Carvel store.
  • Licensed to Ill is the album that put Beastie Boys on the map. It ages well. Fourteen years later I still enjoy it.
  • Paul's Boutique, possibly the best hip hop album ever (though in most people's opinion that title is held by Public Enemy's "It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.") In a way it was ahead of its time: when others were still focused on James Brown samples and stripped-down funky production, the Beastie Boys discovered the Dust Brothers, who provided the dense, fascinating music behind the lyrics. The Dust Brothers suggested that they pare it down, but the Beasties, with their usual great taste, kept the tracks just as complex and layered. Other rappes were blown away by this album, though it wasn't very successful commercially. In another way it was a classic of its time: Such an album is so sample heavy its like cannot be made again--the clearing of all the samples would be too expensive. There are webpages dedicated to tracking down all the samples in it, and no less than Miles Davis said he never got tired of listening to it.
  • Check Your Head. The Beastie Boy's third album sounded completely different from their second, which had sounded completely different from their first. The first was straight-up hip hop, rather like Run-DMC, and Paul's Boutique was unlike anything ever heard on earth, Check your head featured the Beastie Boys playing instruments. The album features hip hop tracks, instrumentals, and hardcore. The hit "So Whatcha want" paved the way for "gotee-metal rap" bands like Limp Bizkit. This album is fabulous.
  • Ill Communication. Finally the Boys found a groove. Ill Communication was very similar to Check Your Head in style.
  • Hello Nasty. In this album they abandon their hardcore and non-hip-hop instrumentals and created a nearly pure rap album. The production is brilliant, and the lyrics, like in their first two albums, involves rapid switching between the rappers. I'm constantly amazed at the brilliance of this album.
  • To the Five Burroughs. I got tired of this one pretty quickly.

 B. Dolan: http://bdolan.net/



Belly (a.k.a Rebellyus)


Mc Bhudda BOUNCE

from Boston, is currently working on his album, “A Wise Man Once Said”. He’s like a white Kanye West. He does social, personal, booty funny raps

He’s legit. Does good shows. His best songs to date are, “Harmony Crash” about racial unity and “Sendin’ A Savior”, a biopic about his mother getting raped and still appreciating people who helped him out.


Big B


Big Nasty






Description: Have to include Blondie because the rap in "Rapture" is arguably the first rap ever. The only rap that came before it is the spoken word of Gil-Scot Heron, which doesn't really qualify as rap in most people's minds.

Bloodhound Gang


Southern white rapper.

Boot Heel Click

http://www.soundclick.com/bhcmo Similar to the styles of the underground 3 6 mafia, the Boot Heel Click showcases lyrical talent in areas most often not touched upon. The group leader, TEK aka Tha Entertainment King, started in 99 freestyle rapping over 808 beats he had made, when he met Springfield Missouri rapper, Onymous. For years they dropped underground tapes, such as the self titled EP ENJ, and solo projects "Revelations" and "I Put em all on". They later ventured into thier own label, Port 9 Productions, which has pretty much been at a stand still since 2004. In 2006, Tek formed the Boot Heel Click, with members J Wone and Chill Will. From then on, they continued to do shows from Missouri to Memphis, where they hooked up with Memphis legend DJ Zirk, and 40 Kel. Then in 2010, they hooked up with 2thick, a known group started by DJ Zirk, and started promoting BHC and 2thick as a whole. In April 2010, the Boot Heel Click (BHC) dropped its first official release titled "Hataz Gonna Hate". It featured veteran Missouri rappers, Mista Black and E- Styles, and also featuring a song called "Do Whutcha Do Bitch" featuring Lil Wytes former group the Shelby Forest Click. The BHC remains active as of May 2010, but some occurances have put them in slow mo, with the arrest of fellow rapper, Chill Will.



Brother Ali


Bubba Sparxxx

Description: Has some good stuff. Thanks a lot to Timbaland, his producer.

Buck 65

Description: I have heard he's good.

John Cena

  Ceschi: http://www.fakefourinc.com/artist/ceschi#.UEdwdpbjPcZ


is a Canadian rapper from the Maritimes.


Commodore 64

Description: Kind of a joke band. Mathematicians? http://www.listen.co.jp/artdetail.xtp?artistid=8904&artpg=mc



Dan Zickus


Dutch the Great


El P

Description: I have heard he's good. A contributer writes: "El P is one of the top producers (he recently produced an album that was a collaboration with Ghostface) of the underground. Not to mention, he is an awesome MC."


Description: Most people would probably put Em before the Beastie Boys in this list. The reason is this: Eminem is one of the best Emcees ever. Even his detractors have a difficult time faulting the genius of his lyrics. Part of the brilliance of Eminems albums are attributable to his producer, Dr. Dre, who is immensely talented. His albums have a consistent style. The Eminem sound (thanks to Dre) involves melodic tracks, and the lyrics focus on anger, self-loathing, and the women in his life: His ex-wife Kim, daughter Hallie, and mother Debbie. Em didn't invent angry rap, but infused with his vitriol are self-criticisms unheard of in the rap world. For example, on his first album is says "as for being AIDS infested, I don't know yet, I'm too scared to get tested." Listening to Eminem is like reading the diary of a maniac. It's personal, hateful, funny, and very original.

Eyedea and Abilities

Description: A white rapper paired with a white DJ! Eyedea writes complicated lyrics, and abilities is a great turntablist. I am not crazy about them, but they seem to get respect.


The Austrian singer did some of the first rapping, in his 1982 hit Der Kommissar.

FFC (FortiFied Concept)

was another of the forerunners of rap in Greece.

Fort Minor





Has a white and a black rapper.

Goin' Through

is another rap group that is fairly mainstream. They get a lot of airplay from local Greek music TV, more than any Greek rappers, except possibly Imiskoumbria.





The HEAD & StickE SaBaDo

From Southern California, young college students with a west coast style.   The HEAD & StickE SaBaDo's main track is "White Boy" . StickE SaBaDo creates the beats.



Description: http://www.funkytickle.com/z_headmess/index.html.



Hollywood Undead


The Hoodfella





two brothers....k-squeez spits fire.....he is the younger of the two.

House of Pain / Everlast

Description: Everlast had a solo career, then formed House of Pain, and is now back to his solo career. He makes good stuff, but isn't terribly influential in the rap world.


I Love Hush. Hush is an American hip hop artist from Michigan. He is of Lebanese and Italian descent and he is also a long time friend of Eminem. He's also a producer and has worked with a variety of artists. He was signed to Area Code Management and DTW Records, but left for Geffen Records to release his debut album. He is credited on Eminem's famous The Slim Shady EP (1997) and performed alongside Eminem and others in concert long before any of the artist were well known. Hush is a longtime collborator with Kid Rock protege Paradime and D12, and has also appeared on tracks with Slum Village and Royce Da 5'9". The year 2005 saw a lot of activity for Hush. In the spring of 2005, Hush released his debut single "Hush is Coming" which featured Nate Dogg. The video had appearances by Eminem, Obie Trice, D12's Swift and Omar Cruz in it. Also in the spring, Hush was seen on the soundtrack for xXx: State of the Union with his song "The March." Hush released his debut album Bulletproof on Geffen Records on August 23, 2005. It featured a list of star guest appearances including long time friend Eminem, Kuniva, Swift, and Bizarre of D12, Nate Dogg, and Talib Kweli. Later that fall, a clean version of Hush's song "Fired Up" was featured on the soundtrack for the Need for Speed: Most Wanted video game. After the release of "Bulletproof" he promoted the album by joining the Anger Management III Tour, with fellow rap musicians Eminem, Stat Quo, 50 Cent, D12, Bizarre, Obie Trice, G-Unit, Lil Jon, Ludacris, Bobby Creekwater, Mase, Mobb Deep, Pitbull and Olivia, among others. Discography Albums * There Goes The Neighborhood (2001) * Roses & Razorblades (2002) * Bulletproof (2005) * The Open Book (2009)

Ill Bill


ill E. Gal


is a three-member rap group, whose inventive lyrics and pop culture references have made them a hit in Greece, where they once opened for 50 Cent.

Insane Clown Posse

Description: These guys from Detroit put on clown makeup and make dumb tracks. Listen at your own risk. I don't feel like listing their albums.


(I received this thoughtful email in response to this web page:

Dear Jim,


When I saw the white rapper show on he I wuz thinking to myself "I wonder who wuz the first white rapper?", so I went online and found this website. Then I noticed that you didn't have alot about The Insane Clown Posse, and you wrote"These guys from Detroit put on clown makeup and make dumb tracks. Listen at your own risk. I don't feel like listing their albums.", well sir when sum of these guys albums haven't even had a gold album yet and ICP has had 2 platinum and 4 gold albums, you tell me who is making the dumb tracks, because I don't think you don't know anything about rap. You see, rapping is a form of poetry that started in the Bronx.Now rap is nothing.ICP has changed all that.They have fans across than world including me. Rap is all the same now. All is wut they talk about is hoe's,cars,shooting people,and getting crazy.Alot of rappers today are all talking about the same thing and it gets boring after a while.ICP can rap about anything especially about bitches like you that diss rappers that are different which I think is bull-shit. People say you should be different to stand out and ICP has done that. Sir i bid you goodbye with 2 words.





Jamie T

London artist. http://www.myspace.com/jamietwimbledon




Jelly Roll

John Brown

aka king of the burbs, winner of vh1's white rapper show

John Cena

is a WWE star and rapper.


Jonny Ringo


Justin Time

Description:Had a terrible single called "Yo! Spring Break!" Remember it? That's ok, only I do.

Kid Rock

Description: Makes more than just rap, in the tradition of the Beasties and Everlast. He is the only one to have a country influence.


is a 90's rapper.

KottonMouth Kings

Pot smoking rappers with a live back up out of California.



See also the Hoodfella


Description: Who?


Lady Sovereign

A british woman signed with Def Jam. She has a very distinctive sound.




MC Lars

Lexx Luger

Lil Wyte

He's a member of 3 6 Mafia. http://www.lil-wyte.net/

Mack DVS

description: All I know is that he's in jail.

Mack Heath


Mac Lethal


Marky Mark

Part of “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.” Had a hit “Good Vibrations.” This rapper is actor Mark Wahlberg.




created a buzz recently working with Wyclef Jean, Sam Adams (his college roomate) Vinny Idol, Fred the Godson, DJ Kay Slay and others.. Having grown up all over the world (Hong Kong, Hawaii, San Francisco, New York, Atlanta. etc) MB4 brings a unique style to the rap game.. His album "Button Up Music" is set to debut on ITunes Nov. 1st.. @MB4_Music
Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxpEeLUZacM
Hulkshare link: http://Hulkshare.com/arey0b948u2q


became known as an electronic music act, but started out as a rap group, with hard sounds and acid beats.


I think this group had a white rapper.


is a French rap and hip hop group, that used celtic rhythms along with their rap. Their main hit was "La Tribu De Dana."



Pale Face


Paul Wall

is a former partner with Chamillionaire.






Rambo Amadeus

is a slavic rapper.

RA Scion

The rapping half of duo Common Market - http://www.myspace.com/commonmarket

R.A. The Rugged Man



"The Southern hip-hop duo called Rehab were literally a product of their namesake. Original members Danny. Boone and Brooks Buford, both recovering alcoholics and drug addicts, met at a local rehab facility and connected over their love of music. Mashing rap with rock, the duo released their debut album, Southern Discomfort, in 2000 on the Sony label. Cee-Lo, Goodie Mob, and Cody ChesnuTT were some of the guests on the album, which would spawn the Top 15 modern rock hit "It Don't Matter." Two years were spent on the road supporting the album, including a stint on the Vans Warped Tour, and then the duo splintered. Boone retained the name and recruited four veteran musicians for a new Rehab. Now a quintet with Boone as the lone singer/rapper -- and also using his birthname, Danny Alexander -- Rehab signed with Arshid Entertainment and released the ambitious Graffiti the World in 2005." --David Jeffries, All Music Guide


Rice Maniac (AKA Stuart Sagevick)

Arguably the first white rapper. Released "Life and Times" under the name MC Blue. He rapped from 1977, recorded with hip hop legends UTFO, IVAN DOC RODRIGUEZ, TROY HIGHTOWER AND DAVE GREENBERG AND AL GREENWOOD. He cowrote a song with LEON HUFF of GAMBLE AND HUFF and his name is in the songwriters hall of fame.

Ricky J

does urban rap and R&B from around 1999 and 2000.


description: Don't know this guy.

Rhythm Rick

Bay Area rapper.



Description: One of the first white rappers to hit the scene in LA. His first official album entitled: "Sexy Smooth" was released in January of 1993 and did pretty well in the states as well as many other countries. Through our research we found that Rocca actually had a few singles released prior that charted on the billboard club charts and he had a few released after. Rocca has 3 music videos to his credentials and wrote/rapped/starred in the James Bond Spoof - Secret Agent OO Soul - with Billy Dee Williams. We also found out that Rocca did not cuss in his songs - he felt that there was an obligation to the youth of the world to try to promote positivity. His album "Sexy Smooth" is sold frequently on "ebay" and "amazon" but for some reason the majority of the publications on White Rappers seem to leave him off.

Sage Francis

Description: I have heard he's good. A contributer writes: Sage Francis has "Personal Journals," a critically accalaimed debut album to his credit along with the "Sick of..." series, four albums (Sick of Waging War, Sick of Waiting Tables, Still Sick Urine Trouble and Sickly Busniess) of live and rare cuts, along with many of his highly acclaimed freestyles. Not to mention his live album "Dead Poet, Live Album." AND, he was the first hip hop artist to sign on Epitaph recoreds (Atmosphere soon followed), where he has an album that was just released.. A Healthy Distrust."

Scroobius Pip



Shane Capone


The Shelby Forest Click




The Shelby Forest Click was formed sometime in 1996 by Mack DVS and Playa Bo "The Commissioner". That same year they recorded their first real song "Shelby Forest Killaz" which featured Lil Chip. In 1997 they got a new mic, an 8-track mixer, an ADAT and a Roland 505 Grove Box. They added Brave Dave and Nate Dogg to the group and they began working on their first album "Call It WhatCha Want" which featured members of The Gimi Sum Family and lil wyte (then known as lil pat).

"Call It WhatCha Want" was released in 1998. lil wyte then became part of the group and in 1999 they began working on their second release “From Tha Hood 2 Tha Woodz” (Some Been Waitin’, Some Been Hatin’). Around this time they changed the label from “Brickwall Ent.” to “Lab Rat Muzik”. The album was released in early 2000. That same year, after talking to DJ Paul and Juicy J on the phone while they were at K97, Bo and Mack DVS took a copy of their second album and waited outside the radio station for them to exit. They gave Paul and Juicy the album and two hours later they were offered a deal. Instead of signing on the spot, they got an entertainment lawyer who negotiated the deal for 5 months. He advised not to sign in early 2001. Only lil wyte went forward with the deal.

After lil wyte’s departure, they planned on moving forward with their third group album. A couple of months later work was stopped due to an attempted robbery that left Playa Bo with a bullet in his hip. The next day DVS loaded up the studio, moved it to another location and began working on a solo project “Tempted”. Nate Dogg was killed on December 17, 2000 and was remembered on the track “Dear Nate” by Mack DVS released on "Tempted". As "Tempted" neared completion on January 3, 2002, DVS was the victim of a tragic home invasion that left his girlfriend and one of the robbers dead. Over the next 6 weeks, he finished the album in the kitchen of his mother’s duplex and in March 2002 “Tempted” hit the streets. Leading up to the release of “Tempted” DVS began to abuse prescription pills and alcohol to ease the pain. Musically, they were in a good place, doing a lot of shows and working on new material, but mentally he was unraveling. The downward spiral came to an end when he was arrested for 2nd degree murder and the music stopped. He was sentenced to 17 years in the state penitentiary in April 2004. Twice, his conviction was upheld, but currently he has his case on appeal. Whether his case is overturned or the sentenced is flattened, you have not heard the last of Mack DVS or Lab Rat Muzik.


Though he is primarily known for his instrumental work and he has, of late, focused his talents on instrumental hip-hop, Sixtoo is a highly skilled artist who began his musical career rapping. Similarly to Sole (with whom he has collaborated numerous times), Sixtoo writes very metaphorically-driven lyrics about larger issues.




Skinhead Rob




Description: A contributer writes of Slug: "true crossover artist, as (with his hip hop `group' Atmosphere) he was on Warped Tour for the past two years."


Description: Had that "Informer" hit.


Sole is an experimental rapper who utilizes odd rhyming schemes and unconventional metrical patterns. He usually raps about major world issues such as governmental corruption, world poverty/starvation, economic inequality, war, environmental disasters, etc.


Sonny Vito


Italian rapper.

Stereo MCs

Description: From the UK. Had a bit "Connected."

MC Stopheles

Website at www.myspace.com/demonicsonics.
from Old Scratch with DJ Belial.

The Streets

Description: The white rapper is Mike Skinner. A contributer writes: "A unique white rapper from the UK whose lyrics and style really stand out. He's got two records, both of which are fantastic. The second one (A Grand Don't Come For Free) is a very funny concept album."


Terror X Crew

were the main example of Greek hard rap, along with groups like Vavilona and Zondani Nekri, with songs like "Hip Hop Hooligans" and "Den Eimai o Ellinas Poy Exis Sinithisei." They were also part of a graffiti crew. The group's MCs Artemis and Efthimis have recently made a comeback (as of 2006).

Troy Walsh


Ugly Duckling

Description: I don't care for them, but they have a following.

Vanilla Ice

Description: A huge hit a while ago, Vanilla Ice is regarded by many to be the ultimate wack MC. Objectively speaking, he's not as bad as many who get more respect. I mean, come on, put Vanilla's lyrics head-to-head with Kool Moe Dee and you'll see what I mean. Vanilla Ice's biggest fault was that he was phenomenally successful. I'm not saying he's an immense talent, but he'd have more respect if he didn't have a big hit. His single "Ice Ice Baby" was criticized for sampling "Under Pressure." This strikes me as odd, considering rap as a genre samples to get its tracks. Even 3rd Bass said "you took a sample and you looped it you looped it, now you're gettin' sued. Kinda stupid." While in the background 3rd Bass is ripping off "Sledgehammer."


Young Black Teenagers

Description: Their album isn't bad.


Geek Rappers

So many white rappers portray themselves as nerds that they deserve their own category.

MC Frontalot

Description: http://www.frontalot.com. Darling of the slashdot set. Pioneered the phrase NerdCore, which sort of makes him the geek rapper spokesperson.

MC Paul Barman

Description: http://www.mcpaulbarman.com/. An overeducated liberal arts cat from the Northeast. First tune was entirely palindromes.

MC Hawking

Description: http://www.mchawking.com/. Concept act suggesting physicist Stephen Hawking as a gangsta rapper.

Meter Versus Yard

Description: http://www.soundclick.com/meterversusyard. Rapper High-C from this band contributed much of my info on geek rappers. Thanks man.

Featuring High-C

Description: http://www.soundclick.com/theoriginalhighc.

MC Chris

Description: http://www.livejournal.com/community/mc_chris/. This guy is Chris Ward, from Atlanta.


5-Headed Retard, Governor Bolts +

Description: http://www.hiphophotspot.com/album_reviews/view_album_review.asp?album_id=20. http://www.lowpressure.ca/releases.htm.