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Jim Davies Education Research

My educational research theme is that teachers should assign work that simultaneously fulfills two functions: 1. Teaching the students and 2. Augmenting the educational materials for other students.

The web is making some of this easier, as I explain in my book chapter:
Davies, J. R. (2001). Ocelots are endangered South American wild cats. In Ohler, J. (Ed.) Future Courses: A Compendium of Thought About the Future of Technology and Education.

An example of this philosophy in action can be seen in the Cognitive Science Summaries page, which I have my students contribute summaries of articles and chapters.

Another example I've worked on is the: GNU Scientific Library (ftp site), and screenshots. This work is a free software collection of scientific functions. I encourage everyone who does scientific programming to contribute to it. You can read the Reference manual.

I've also done some work in the Intelligent Tutoring Systems field, as can be seen in the following work:
Davies, J. R., Lesh, N., Rich, C., Sidner, C. L., Gertner, A. S., Rickel, J. (2001).In Lester, J. (Ed.) Incorporating tutorial strategies into an intelligent assistant. Proceedings of the 2001 International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces.

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