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Jim Davies's Erdos Number: 4

Paul Erdos (pronounced "AIR-dish") was a prolific mathematician who published some 1500 papers with collaborators all over the world. It is the part of the culture of mathematics to calculate your "Erdos Number", which is the number of degrees of separation you are from Erdos through co-authoring papers.

Turns out I have an Erdos number of 4 (Davies, Mould, Wyvill, Guy, Erdos) through the following publications:

Li, H., Mould, D. & Davies, J. (2013). Structure and Aesthetics in Non-Photorealistic Images.

Wyvill, B., Kry, P., Seidel, R. & Mould, D. (2012). Determining an aesthetic inscribed curve. Proceedings of the Computational Aesthetics Conference. 63-70.

Meraj, Z., Wyvill, B., Isenberg, T., Gooch, A. & Guy, R. (2008). Mimicking hand drawn pencil lines. In Proceedings of Computational Aesthetics 2008. 73--80.

Erdos, P., Guy, R. & Selfridge, J. L. (1982). Another property of 239 and some related questions. Congressus Numerantium. A Conference Journal on Numerical Themes. 34, 243--257.

Jim Davies's Bacon Number: 3

But then it turns out I also have a "Bacon number." This is similar to the Erdos number except that it's how many degrees of separation you are from being in a film with Kevin Bacon (who was in the film Six Degrees of Separation).

Jim Davies and Nic Few appeared in an episode of the TV show Blotter.
Nic Few and Robin Weigert appeared in The Undying.
Robin Weigert and Kevin Bacon appeared in My One and Only.

So I am one of the few people in the world to have a Bacon-Erdos number, which is the sum of the Erdos and Bacon numbers. So my Bacon-Erdos number is 7.

Natalie Portman's is 6. You can see the Bacon Erdos number of other famous people at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erd%C5%91s%E2%80%93Bacon_number.

You can search Google for Bacon numbers by typing in something like "Martin Short Bacon Number."

Jim Davies