Roger Rabbit Collectables For Sale

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These are the Roger Rabbit things I own. All prices are in US dollars and include postage in Canada only. I will have to charge shipping for deliveries outside of Canada. .


price: $6
item: Foam Roger Rabbit Puppet Head
description: A foam head of Roger Rabbit, with three finger holes in the back or puppeting. I have several of these.
condition: Mint. Still in the packaging.

price: $10
item: Tiny Roger straddling
description: This is a weird one. It's a little PVC Roger Rabbit waving at you. He's got a blue jester's hat on. His legs are spread like he's sitting on a round ball or something. There's a little hole there but it's too small for a pencil. Who knows what this strange little figure was made for? Rare. This is the first I've ever seen. New info! I got this message from someone:

This figure is actually broken in the state you have it in.  It is
part of a McDonalds wind-up toy.  The base was a "float" from a parade
at Walt Disney World.

thanks Chris!
condition: Perfect. Or broken.

price: $20
item: McDonald's toy: Roger in Benny the cab
description: This former happy-meal toy is Roger in Benny the cab. I think if you slide it on the floor backward, it will go on its own forward. I don't know, it's still in the package.
condition: mint, still in plastic wrap.

price: $35
item: Roger Rabbit Card Set
description: The complete set of collectable cards in two plastic boxes including the stickers. (gum removed, heh heh). Also I have the wrappers if you want them.
condition: Excellent.

price: $45
item: Roller Coaster Rabbit Poster
description: Poster for the short animated film "Roller Coaster Rabbit" that showed with Dick Tracy
condition: Haven't looked at it carefully, looks to be in very good condition.

price: $190
item: Roger Rabbit Watch
desciption: Part of the limited edition series, now unavailable. Hands tell the time. Live-action background.
condition: I've worn it for a few years; the strap has been replaced. The metal has a few small scratches from normal wear. The picture below shows it when it was mint with the plastic still on it. It's expensive only because this is the watch I wear and I'd miss it if I sold it. :-)

Price: $500
Item: Roger Rabbit production cel from "Tummy Trouble" short
Description: My prize possession! Depicts Roger trying to close the elevator door. Background shown is separate and not from Roger Rabbit. Comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Condition: Perfect

price: $30
item: Jessica pin
description: Pin about half an inch high of Jessica from the back, from the waist up, looking over her sholder. Sexy image. Cloissine pin.

Price: $38
item: View Master Reels
description: Three reels included. Viewed just once. Offers 3_d scenes from the movie.
condition: excellent. opened and viewed once.

price: $25
item: Mad magazine spoof of Roger Rabbit
description: This issue of Mad from 1989 has a spoof of Roger in it. On the cover is Roger and Benny the cab with Alfred E. Newman's face on it.
condition: Perfect so far as I can tell.

price: $50
item: Long Poster of Roger
description: A full door-length poster. The background image is real. Roger is pictured. Logo "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" appears on top.
condition: It's been on a few doors. The edges are a little worn and there may be tape marks. Rolled.

price: $40
item: Roger Rabbit "Seriously Funny" poster
description: Blue background, square in center with Roger smiling with thumbs in his suspenders.
condition: Mint condition, still in plastic wrap. price: $40
item: Roger against Brick Wall poster
description: Personally my favorite of all the RR posters ever made.Rog has his hand in handcuffs, up against a brick wall with a spotlight on him. Below him is the movie logo.
condition: Great.

price: $30
item: Jessica Rabbit Ink and Paint Club Poster
description: Jessica and her band performing in this normal sized poster.
condition: great.

price: $12 each
item: PVC 4" figurines from Who Framed Roger Rabbit
description: I have a bunch of these.

condition: All in great condition. Some are pictured below.

price: $30 each
item: RARE PVC figures
description: I have a bunch. These are very rare, I don't know how to get more when I sell these. I think they were made in australia. They sure are cool looking.

condition: All in great condition. See the picture above, some of them are in there.

price: $5.00 each.
items: The next nine buttons are all from a set. They are 1-3/4" round.
Each has a character and a quote or saying.
item: Jessica - I love you more than any woman ever loved a rabbit!
item: Weasel - At least I'm not stupid!!!
item: Ape - Walt sent me.
item: Ape - Get with the program.
item: Baby Herman - This whole thing stinks like yesterday's diapers!
item: Crazy Weasel - Can it wait til I've had my coffee?
item: Roger logo - It's been real. (Or has it?)
item: Smart guy weasel - I'd like to see you weasel your way out of this one.
item: Penguin - Ink and Paint club
item: Logo - My goose is cooked, my hash is slung, my fait is accompli!
item: Roger and Jessica - One good toon deserves another.
condition: perfect

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