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Russell, S. (1995). Rationality and Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence, 94, 57–77.

  author =	"Stuart J. Russell",
  title =	"Rationality and Intelligence",
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This paper is available online: http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~russell/papers/aij-cnt.pdf.

Defining intelligence

Perfect rationality

Calculative rationality

Metalevel rationality

Bounded optimality

Future work

The remainder of the paper sketches some areas for future research related to bounded optimality and ABO agents.

Calculative rationality improvements

ABO proofs

Optimization techniques

Offline vs. online

Variable agent architecture

Agents that learn can adapt their behavior, but prior research on adaption has usually applied learning techniques only to select components of the agent. Given finite memory, there are problems where "almost complete revision of the agent's mental structure is needed to achieve good performance" [p20] -- that is, learning techniques would be applied to the entirety of the agent's architecture.

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