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Assignment: Submitting the the Cognitive Science Summaries Website

Create a new summary for the Cognitive Science Summaries website.

Grading Criteria

100 points total.
Paper selection: Ideally the paper is a peer-reviewed journal article or conference proceedings entry. If the class you're doing this for is a cognitive science or psychology class, then journals like Cognitive Science, Memory and Cognition, or Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition are good choices. If your class is an AI class, then conferences like the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI, pronounced "ij'-kai") or the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) conference are good choices. So are journals like the online Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR), Computational Intelligence, or Artificial Intelligence. If you do a journal article, you will get five bonus points on top of the five you get depending on the quality of the article chosen. (5 points)

Formatting: Since this needs to be put on a website by hand, you need to minimize the work done by the editor of the summaries page. Thus you will be penalized for not doing the formatting correctly. Read several summaries-- some are good, others worse. An excellent summary is Barsalou 1999. Model it. Make sure the bibtex entry is there, there are things listed to cite the paper for, page numbers are given when points are made, the title of the page is correct, there is full citation, your authorship is correct, etc. You're submitting an html document. Edit this document with a text editor. Please do not use a word processor's html output. The html file should be fairly readable. Brush up on HTML if you don't know it. Try not to use images. If you need to graphically describe something, try Do ASCII art instead if possible. Add a hyperlink to the original paper if it's online. There are templates you can use linked from the main Summaries page. See common mistakes at the end of this document. (10 points)

Content: The summary should give the reader a clear idea of the main points of the paper, that is, what points the paper is trying to establish, and the evidence supporting them. Also in the summary should be the new ideas introduced in the paper. The summary should be comprehensible to the reader without their having to read the source paper. It's worth a lot of points, but another reason to do well at this is that it will be on the web with your name on it. Forever.(85 points)

Turning it in: Email a copy of it to jim@jimdavies.org with "Cognitive Science Summaries Submission" in the subject line. Also turn in a printed copy in class, attached to a copy of the paper summarized. Common Mistakes Made By Students

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