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Catrambone, R. & Holyoak, K. J. (1989) Overcoming contextual limitations on problem-solving transfer. Journal of Experimental Psychology 15:6, 1147--1156.

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Author of the summary: Jim Davies, 2002, jim@jimdavies.org

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All experiments dealt with the Duncker fortress/radiation problem.

Experiment 1:

Ss got two examples. Group 1 was asked to compare them, group 2 was not. The comparison group was more likely to solve it without a hint.

Experiment 2:

Little or no analogical transfer is obtained after a delay without a hint. Undirected similarity comparisons and highly abstract questions about structural similarity didn't help with long term transfer.

Experiment 3:

Long term transfer is improved by varying the wording as to focus the solution relevant stuff.

Experiment 4:

More directed comparison instructions induce to focus on the solution features.

Experiment 5:

Replication of 4 with a week long delay instead of 30 minutes. No differences.


Shifts in context hamper solution, not passage of time.

Summary author's notes:

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