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Gray, C. & G. Mulhern (1995). Does children's memory for addition facts predict general mathematical ability? Perceptual and Motor Skills. v81, pp163-167.

Author of the summary: Jim Davies, 1999, jim@jimdavies.org

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10 year olds are given simple addition problems (x + y = ? where x and y are single digits.. Which of the following structural variables best predicts the RT (reaction time)? Experiment:
Number of Subjects: 21
Kind of Subjects: 5th graders, 11 girls, 10 boys, mean age 9.7
Method: Were presented addition facts on a computer. RT was measured. There were 100 trials, with all possible pairings of numbers 0-9. Also a test of math abitlity was given a week earlier (Group Mathematics Test C). No feedback.
Maybe there is a causal relationship between memorized addition facts and math ability?

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