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B. Hayes-Roth and F. Hayes-Roth, A Cognitive Model of Planning. International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 1979.

Author of the summary: J. William Murdock, 1997, murdock@cc.gatech.edu

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Keywords: Blackboard architecture, Planning, Opportunism

Systems: An unnamed simulation

Summary: Analyzes a psychological protocol of a person planning a
group of errands to run.  Uses this protocol to demonstrate the
feasibility of a model of cognition which involves a set of "cognitive
specialists" working at various levels of abstraction and
communicating via a "blackboard."  Describes the different portions of
the blackboard and how they correspond to observed behavior in the
protocol.  Describes a computer simulation intended to follow the same
reasoning paths as the subject.  Contrasts their work with traditional
(i.e. successive refinement) planning strategies.

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