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P. Hayes, The Frame Problem and Related Problems in AI. Artificial and Human Thinking, A. Elithorn and D. Jones (eds.), Jossey-Bass, 1973.

Author of the summary: J. William Murdock, 1997, murdock@cc.gatech.edu

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Keywords: Time, Non-Monotonic Logic

Systems: Mentions MICRO-PLANNER and STRIPS (from other sources).

Summary: Discusses two related problems: representing knowledge about
a changing world and dealing with changes in knowledge.  Introduces a
notation for making logical statements about conditions that change by
including explicit "situations" or moments in time.  Introduces the
general problem of non-monotonic logic (though without using that
term) and the notion of making explicit statements about what can be
proved within a database using a "proved" operator for whether a
statement is proved given a collection of facts.  Observes that the
formalism is not quite capable of consistently handling new facts and
resolves the inconsistency by defining a new proved operator for each

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