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Gary McGraw & Daniel Drasin. (1993) Recognition of Gridletters: Probing the Behavior of Three Competing Models. In Proceedings of the Fifth Midwest AI and Cognitive Science Conference, pages 63-67, April 1993.

Author of the summary: Patrawadee Prasangsit, 1999, pp@cc.gatech.edu

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This paper compares the performance of three different models of letter recognition in the Letter Spirit domain.

Categorical sameness is property possessed by instances of a single letter in various styles (e.g., the letter 'a' in Times, Courier, Palatino).

Stylistic sameness is property possessed by instances of various letters in a single style (e.g., the letters 'a', 'b', and 'c' in Times).

Each letter is formed by a set of short line segments, called quanta, on a fixed grid of dimension 3x7.  See figure 2.

The three models are:


NetRec FnetRec Comparing Performance For all models, the performance is still unacceptable (too many mis-categorizations).  The reason could be

Summary author's notes:

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