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Cognitive Science Summaries templates

  1. article
  2. book
  3. booklet
  4. in-book
  5. in-collection
  6. in-proceedings
  7. manual
  8. masters-thesis
  9. misc
  10. phd-thesis
  11. proceedings
  12. tech-report
  13. unpublished
Choose an appropriate summary template from the list above. You might want to link your summary to the actual paper, which may be online. You might look for it at Cogprints, the cognitive science eprint archive. The weird stuff that looks like this:
  author = 	 {},
  title = 	 {},
  journal = 	 {},
  year = 	 {},
  key = 	 {},
  volume = 	 {},
  number = 	 {},
  pages = 	 {},
  month = 	 {},
  note = 	 {},
  annote = 	 {}
Is a "bibtex" form. Please fill it out. Instructions for doing it are below. The reason we have this is so that we have a standard format with which we can have an automated citation creator.

Instructions for filling out bibtex forms:

Many items are already online. Before you fill it out yourself, check this extensive site to see if it is already filled out. In that case, simply copy and paste it into the template over the blank bibtex form. The site is The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies. What a great site! Even better is the Reserarch index at http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/cs, which includes a citation index. Very handy, and has lots of bibtex.

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