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Tony Veale & Mark T. Keane: Conceptual Scaffolding: A Spatially Founded Meaning Representation for Metaphor Comprehension. Computational Intelligence 8: 494-519 (1992)

  author = 	 {Tony Veale & Mark T. Keane},
  title = 	 {Conceptual Scaffolding: A Spatially Founded Meaning Representation for Metaphor Comprehension},
  journal = 	 {Computational Intelligence},
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Author of the summary: Jim Davies, 2003, jim@jimdavies.org

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Conceptual Scaffolding: "an interim meaning structure around which a fuller interpretation is fleshed out over time."

"Metaphors can be interpreted through core spatial metaphors forming a conceptual scaffolding between concepts. The role of the conceptual scaffolding is to create associations between ideas." [3]

Specifically, this paper looks at collocation, containment, and orientation.

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The broad semantic themes of an utterance are first constructed, then it's fleshed out, in two stages. [5] The fleshing out involves:

Representation language: The abstract metaphor (my term) will prefer those aspects of ideas to which the metaphor can be applied. For example, saying that the computer is going down means that the computer's operation is going down, rather than it's mouse. With natural objects the "functional attributes" are determined by how they are used.[11]

More complexity: up(laptop) = down(laptop.weight) AND down(laptop.size) [12]

Laptop is a aggregation of attributes from laptop, computer, and product, and the context telss the agent which attributes to attend to.

[17] Another example:
"OS/2 lost a fortune"

It's hooked up to a KB, which takes as input a concept relation (e.g. connect(superman, clark-kent)) and outputs a e.g. connect clark-kent to superman as alter-ego.

attributes can be transferred with transfers, e.g. Transfer(fire->heat); Transfer(bath->clean). Where something with a connect between fire gets heat and connected with bath gets clean. [28]

Certain things will get transferred and others not depending on what those things are. e.g. "The laptop is Godzilla" means it's huge and slow, but not green and pungent. [30] Favored by common attribute selection and functional attributes of the target (called the tenor in this paper). [31]

I didn't get to the parts about coherence.

Differences with conceptual dependency theory:

Summary author's notes:

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