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Articles about Laurie Anderson

Articles are in Chronological order.


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Laurie appears online transcript
Laurie's article in Hotwired
Laurie appears on NPR (1-15-95)

McDonald, Patrick. MIND FOR MUSIC: Anderson unveils her biggest show in years," The Seattle Times, Friday, February 3, 1995, p. H8

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Home Entertainment
Interview by Will Hodgkinson Friday July 20, 2001 The Guardian


Sound and vision: Music pioneer Laurie Anderson ventures into the future By Wendy Case / The Detroit News. Feb 1, 2002. (or see the local version.


?, ?. Space Cadet. The Herald Sun Saturday, January 8.


And if that link's broken try this.

LA Weekly FEBRUARY 8 - 14, 2002

Moon and Stars Align for Performance Artist Laurie Anderson Accepts Art Commission From NASA By Anne Hull Washington Post ( http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A15916-2004Jun29.html) Wednesday, June 30, 2004; Page A19

Artistic residency with NASA leads to 'End of the Moon' BY CLARKE BUSTARD TIMES-DISPATCH STAFF WRITER Sunday, October 17, 2004

Deep Space. By Michael Alan Goldberg. October 21, 2004.


In the New York Times Laurie was one of many asked about the Golden Age of New York City.

Legislative Lowdown -- Week of June 27th Critique of the NASA artist in residence program.

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