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4/21/2005 An in-depth documentary on Laurie Anderson is available from ART/new york, a video series on contemporary art. Called "Laurie Anderson on Performance", it was created and directed by Paul Tschinkel.

In the New York Times Laurie was one of many asked about the Golden Age of New York City.


Review of "Untitled". If that link is dead try this.

Article about Laurie: http://www.metroactive.com/papers/cruz/04.28.04/anderson-0418.html


is a link about Steven Lippman's "Life on A String" film, based on Laurie's songs. If anyone hears about how to see it in america, let me know.


the old greenroom logs are up: http://www.jimdavies.org/laurie-anderson/puppet-motel/


New Laurie Anderson Album!

Life on a String. Buy it!


http://www.guardian.co.uk/friday_review/story/0,3605,524135,00.html Interview in the Guardian. If that link doesn't work, try my version.



United States book online! 5/11/00

There's a new book out about Laurie Anderson:

Laurie Anderson by Roselee Goldberg

Buy it!

The dissertation about laurie anderson can be found at http://www.jimdavies.org/laurie-anderson/commentary/papers/laurie-dissertation.html
Thanks Gillian! 3/11/2000
There is a new biography., also on the biography page here.

"The American Composers Orchestra has commissioned Ms. Anderson to write an original musical work for Orchestra. The piece, which is based on the life of Amelia Earhart, will have its world premiere at Carnegie Hall on February 27, 2000." see the carnegie hall website 2/20/00

This site was mentioned in Yahoo! Internet life!

wow/mom, etching by Laurie Anderson 1973 (11.3cm x 11cm) from Little pieces from big stars.

Laurie Anderson will again working with Jean-Michel Jarre. The CD might be called "Metamorphoses", We will have to wait some time for release it planned for february 2000. The last project was called "zoolook", a new musical language. More "Metamorphoses" http://revmag.users.netlink.co.uk/news/new_album.html

Puppet motel is available for windows. Finally! We've been waiting for years. http://voyager.learntech.com/cdrom/catalogpage.cgi?puppet 4/25/99
THE KITCHEN SUMMER INSTITUTE 1999 public talks will take place: Laurie Anderson - July 8, 8 PM. New York get ready! Check The Kitchen web site http://www.thekitchen.org/institute.html

Also... Her latest tour Moby Dick is the featured opening of the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave Festival this October.

Also.... There will be an album of the same name coming out in the Fall, according to Laurie's management. See this email.

I didn't realize they were gone, but the list of articles is back. http://www.jimdavies.org/laurie-anderson/articles/index.html

More Dallas Info:

Laurie is actually doing 2 shows in Dallas, one on 4/29 and the other 
on 4/30.  Both are at McFarland Auditorium on the campus of SMU.

Interested parties can contact TITUS for tickets at (214) 528-5576.

Tickets range from $12 (2nd balcony) to $45 for main floor

Album covers are now online. at http://www.jimdavies.org/laurie-anderson/pictures/album-covers/

A review of this site by Dr Bartlemania

She will be performing in Dallas, TX on April 29.

Anderson inspired Poems by Gina DeVries.


Hotwired has an article about laurie and the Homepage of the brave is mentioned! Unfortunately they gave the wrong link. http://www.hotwired.com/popfeatures/96/23/laurie.guide.html


There's now a Laurie Anderson club on Yahoo!. Check it out.


Laurie Anderson will be performing at the Spoleto Festival at the end of May. The website should be up for ticket buying in the middle of November.

Learntech, which has bought voyager, plans to release puppet motel for windows in June. The following letter was sent to a fan:

Hi Bob.

Thank you for your inquiry.  The hybrid version of Puppet Motel should be
available for you to purchase sometime in June.  Please call 1-888-292-5584
to order.

Thank you for your interest in our products and have a good day.

Julia Kohn
Sales and Marketing
Learn Technologies Interactive/Voyager
361 Broadway, Suite 600
New York, NY  10013
phone: 212-334-2225 x17
fax: 212-334-1211
website: www.learntech.com

Concert Announcement: http://www.villamontalvo.org/bio_anderson.html

Well, the page is in a new location at http://www.jimdavies.org/laurie-anderson/
because security at Los Alamos shut it down. This site will have just as much information, fewer pictures, and better organization.

David Bowie Is apparently doing a cover of O Superman on his earthling tour. I'd love to hear that.

A cool movie about the John Lily track Thanks to Bo! 9/3/97

Stories from the Nerve Bible (the performance script) is now on the web, thanks and props to the guy who did it! 8/20/97

Rock n' pop's Laurie Site. 7/17/97

Tour dates! 3/28/97 (DOESN'T work now... Sorry, complain to Warner Bro.)

A new Laurie Anderson page: "The Grand Dame" page. (9-11-96)

Excerpt from the book An Incomplete Education submitted by Patrick Mortensen. (8.15.96)

Laurie will be appearing in Scottsdale, AZ on July 13,14 at the Scotsdale Center for the Arts next month. Performance is titled "A New Work in Progress". Info can be obtained at (602) 994-ARTS. 6-26-96

Works of Laurie Anderson at Electra\ . (4-6-96)

A review of The Ugly one... and Another. Here's one of of Bright Red. here's one from someone who actually managed to not like it!

A review of Puppet Motel.

A review of the Nerve Bible concert.and another.

Another competing Laurie Anderson page, eh? Could there yet be Another one?

HOMEpage OF THE BRAVE just got 4 stars (highest rating) on the Magellan websearch engine.

A review by Woody Hood. Worth checking out. 12-10-95

Covers of Laurie Songs. 12-8-95

The origin of the hotlist on the back of the Nerve Bible Tshirt! 11-27-95

A neat Biography written by Warner Bros.5-24-95

a Term Paper written about her.5-23-95

Voyager's Puppet motel page 5-3-95

Art Lots of images of Laurie. 4-17-95

There's a new look to the page, and I'm sure you've already seen it. Also there are Reviews of the Puppet motel CD-ROM.4-7-95

Laurie Anderson's hotlist 4-3-95

Lou Reed homepage

I have added a menu from the other menu called Other related people that has a link to pages that I'm building about William Burroughs,John Giorno and David VanTieghem. Most of the information so far is taken from the Laurie Anderson Newsgroup.2/2/95

I'm in the process of typing in Articles about and by Laurie Anderson, and this list will be growing.1/30/95

Lyrical interpretation will be added as I get it.

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